im just always tired why cant i sleep forever

i just wanna lay in bed and stare at a wall i want to do everything and nothing at the same time


Cyborgs gonna be in the batman superman movie
Hell yea


It happened so fast.


It happened so fast.


revolver—ocelot replied to your post: i saw a laci green video on my dash an…

my roommate was toting that video as super great and after watching i was just standing there like ://// talk about mediocre feminism

i watched it and every single point she made was literally white feminism…

"not all feminists are bra burning fat hairy lesbians!!"

and what exactly is wrong with any of those??

bigbardafree said: u r a gift

i dont always reblog politics 

except for when i want to be a snarky dickhead


"WHY I’M A…FEMINIST *gasp*" by Laci Green. 

This video explains it perfectly and is now my new favorite video.