this is my fave selfie okay


when your notp is the most popular ship in the fandom



"The greatest happiness is seeing someone you like stay happy."

- Daidouji Tomoyo, Cardcaptor Sakura

i di dit

i made a horrible mistake

“i made these”

like its totally normal for people to switch lanes on you going 75 w/o using a signal trying to get past some fucko going along at 45 on a 65 interstate

u know

i used to be a sane drive rthat follwoed the rules of the road

but that almost got me into multiple accidents

so now i drive like a nutjob because LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE DOES

i need more vodka


like if you blog about combating racism a lot and ignore a post about antisemitism im going to fucking side-eye you i want you to know that